Calmerry and LYLA unveiled innovative partnership


Calmerry, an online mental health platform has partnered with LYLA, a leading provider of comprehensive employee wellness and support solutions. This partnership transforms access to therapy for individuals facing life’s challenges and companies seeking to prevent burnout among their employees.

Although many companies may offer their employees some form of mental health assistance, those programs are typically under-promoted and underused. This partnership will improve the overall accessibility of mental health and wellness services for LYLA customers, ensuring timely and preferred support.

By leveraging Calmerry’s expertise in providing accessible, professional mental health support with LYLA’s easy-to-access platform, home to a variety of benefits for employees and their loved ones, this partnership aims to create a holistic approach to overall wellness, increase productivity, and prevent burnout.

“We’ve recognized the significant impact of mental wellbeing on productivity and company culture. A healthy mind fosters creativity, productivity, and a positive workplace environment,” said Alex Vitchenko, CEO of Calmerry.

“LYLA is the Chill Pill of employee benefits. Our existence is built on making people’s lives easier, and sometimes they need a little bit of Calmerry’s extra support. As a single mom of an active teenager and a needy German Shepherd, there are days when having LYLA help get my kid home from basketball practice and my dog to the vet is sufficient. But there are other days when I need to chat with someone, and Calmerry is there for me. I am delighted to be able to offer them to our more than 35,000 families,” said Marsha McVicker, Founder & CEO of LYLA.

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