Bespoke Partners initiates Coverage of AI/ML Sector


Bespoke Partners, the largest executive search firm focused on software, announced today it is initiating coverage of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning sector.

The move will provide clients with talent market insight and curated access to leaders who can scale AI firms or drive adoption of AI technologies in other software and SaaS companies.

Bespoke has placed 54 senior executives with AI expertise, including leaders in AI technology companies as well as executives who are implementing AI in other SaaS and software companies. The heightened sector focus is a significant extension of Bespoke’s Private Equity Client Services Program, underscoring its dedication to influencing the leadership dynamics in key industry sectors.

“We provide forward-looking firms with leadership that is at the forefront of new technologies that will enhance competitiveness and capital-efficient growth,” said Eric Walczykowski, Bespoke CEO. “Whether your AI/ML company is ready to scale, or if you need executives adept at AI/ML applications, we can bring leaders who execute and create value.”

Lissa Nickell, Senior Research Analyst tracking the AI/ML market for Bespoke, said, “Diving into AI and ML is more than just a trend for us. It’s about leading the evolution of leadership. We excel at identifying executives who not only understand AI and ML but are also capable of setting new industry benchmarks and driving our clients’ success.”

Bespoke provides the top private equity firms looking to scale AI/ML portfolio companies with access to executives with distinguished track records in growing market disruptor companies. To date, placements have spanned every executive function and Bespoke’s client NPS from this segment is a perfect 10 out of 10.

In addition, the new sector coverage will highlight Bespoke’s leadership talent that can help established software and SaaS companies to adopt AI tools and processes to streamline operations and increase efficiencies while driving growth.

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