Bambee Launches New Guided Payroll™ Product for Small Businesses

Bambee First to Offer Payroll with Built-in HR Manager Guidance


Bambee, the HR solution known for automating HR workflows for small businesses, and pairing each of its customers with a real, dedicated HR manager, today announced the launch of Guided Payroll™, the first-ever payroll product with built-in HR guidance. Bambee’s Guided Payroll product is free for companies and start-ups with less than 20 employees–meaning 4+ million American businesses who employ 30+ million American workers now have access to guided payroll for no additional cost. For more mature small companies, Bambee’s payroll product is assertively discounted for maximum affordability, priced 70% under the market average rate at a flat $4 per employee, with no monthly company fee1.

Since 2016, Bambee has matched a dedicated, experienced HR manager with each customer, and streamlined HR practices through its HR Autopilot product, at significant cost savings for America’s small businesses. Combining the dedicated HR manager with Guided Payroll, Bambee bolsters its HR offering, which already includes new hire onboarding, policy creation and record retention, staff compliance training & certifications, employee feedback and coaching, and routine HR audits. The company’s offering now includes HR Autopilot to automate the most important HR best practices, a Dedicated HR Manager to help navigate the more complex HR problems, and Guided Payroll to help mitigate some of the most common and expensive wage and hour mistakes, from just $99 a month.

Bambee’s Guided Payroll is unique in that it’s the only payroll product on the market that comes with guidance from a dedicated HR Manager, to help navigate wage and hour compliance and ensure the payroll process runs smoothly. It also includes standard payroll processes, two-day direct deposit, and automated filing of accurate federal, state, and local taxes.

“One of the top complaints to the Department of Labor in this country is related to wage and hour calculation errors, meaning American companies are often punished for making simple mistakes,” Bambee CEO Allan Jones said. “Before our Guided Payroll product, small business owners and their employees were essentially left on an island expected to work through complex compensation scenarios on their own. Now, they have a direct partner in Bambee. Our customers lean on their dedicated HR Manager for guidance to help avoid making simple but expensive mistakes that Fortune 500 companies almost never make. Figuring out how to offer this to 75% of Bambee customers for free, at scale, is one of the most important strategies our team at Bambee has ever achieved.”

The company plans to add thousands of new payroll customers in 2022, making their product one of the fastest growing payroll offerings in the U.S. As of January 1st, 2022 Bambee’s Guided Payroll has been available to all new and existing Bambee customers.

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