Awardco announced integration with ADP Workforce Now


Awardco’s integration with ADP Workforce Now allows clients to more easily synchronize employee data, reducing administration headaches.

Awardco, the leader in employee recognition and rewards, has announced a seamless integration with ADP Workforce Now, offering clients an easy-to-use solution to synchronize employee data between ADP and Awardco.

ADP is the world’s largest payroll company with over one million customers, and now Awardco clients that use ADP as their HRIS system can easily add, update, remove, and manage employee information in ADP—and the changes will automatically reflect in Awardco. This ensures accurate and efficient reporting, more effective employee recognition, and reduced administration time and effort for ADP & Awardco clients.

Steve Sonnenberg, CEO of Awardco, expressed excitement about the integration, saying, “Our collaboration with ADP Workforce Now is a significant milestone in our commitment to providing clients with a seamless and user-friendly recognition experience. By integrating ADP’s data capabilities with Awardco, we make it easier for companies to build a culture of appreciation and recognize their employees’ contributions.”

Awardco’s integration with ADP Workforce Now revolutionizes how organizations implement and manage employee recognition, benefitting employers and employees alike.

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