AUDIENCEX Shares Year-End Progress on DEI Practices in Hiring


Leading digital advertising partner for performance marketers has focused on expanding diversity in its team both domestically and worldwide

AUDIENCEX, the leading integrated media platform built for omnichannel performance, has made significant strides this year in their DEI efforts in the workplace, particularly in incorporating a continually widening range of perspectives and backgrounds in their talent acquisitions.

Over the past year, AUDIENCEX has worked to evolve their hiring practices, making them more inclusive, open and transparent. They have widened candidate pools by partnering with COOP ( to ensure that candidates from underrepresented and often overlooked communities are considered, and RoleBot ( to help seek out qualified candidates regardless of any pre-existing bias. Additionally, the company has worked to review and update all job descriptions to remove and revise any non-inclusive language, and worked to ensure that their pay methodology is equitable across all roles.

Domestically, AUDIENCEX hires in all 50 states, focusing simultaneously on expertise and talent as well as the value of varied and insightful perspectives that span communities. These efforts have led to an increase in the hiring of ethnic minorities and women throughout the company, including employees who identify as Hispanic (9.4% increase), Asian (6.8% increase), African American (4% increase) or multi-ethnic (18.6% increase), with a male/female split of 52%/48%. Overall, diverse categories have increased by 32.5% due to the recently overhauled hiring practices.

The company has worked to expand their talent not only domestically but internationally as well, including recent hires in the Philippines, Nigeria, Sweden, Chile and Mexico, as they work to establish a presence in more communities worldwide, incorporating increasingly global viewpoints and backgrounds. While this delivers benefit to the company, it also benefits their agency and brand clients by offering perspectives and localized insights in more markets and cultures, ultimately enabling marketers to engage respectfully and authentically with more audiences worldwide.

With a principled approach based on their focus on the values of purpose and performance, AUDIENCEX has tailored their DEI initiatives to ensure that their efforts extend beyond hiring practices. Their People Ops team works to ensure that the company culture values and considers the numerous, diverse backgrounds and perspectives represented among their team, supporting and empowering each individual team member. By supporting their employees throughout the United States and across the globe, the teams are able to leverage these valuable insights and perspectives to the benefit of all, developing services and strategies that resonate with diverse audiences, enable expansion into global markets – such as Africa and the Middle East – and incorporate new regions and channels into existing campaign plans.

“By increasing our hiring funnel and opportunities, we have been able to consider a wider range of diverse candidates,” said Alejandro Phillips, VP of People Operations at AUDIENCEX. “We’ve been able to maintain incredibly high expectations while bringing in candidates who also offer invaluable, diverse viewpoints and backgrounds to fill significant roles in the organization. In doing so, we’ve broadened our collective understanding, global impact, and connectedness.”

“As a company that focuses so intently on connecting our clients and partners with the right audiences, frequently reaching across demographic, social, and cultural lines, it is imperative that we build our own team from across these lines as well,” added Jason Wulfsohn, Co-Founder and CEO, “The link between diversity in a workforce, value creation, and performance has been proven time and time again, and we know interpersonally that there is immense value to building a team that incorporates as many viewpoints as possible in a collaborative, empowering environment. By expanding our team across demographics and borders, we’ve been able to ensure that we are listening and leveraging insights from a wide range of backgrounds, incorporating skills, values, and insights that resonate in vastly different markets.”

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