Applied Health Analytics Named One of Shortlister’s Top Vendors

Applied Health Analytics

Applied Health Analytics has been named a Q4 2020 Top Vendor for both Health Risk Assessment and Wellbeing Companies by Shortlister, a company that matches employers with technology vendors in the wellness, human resources and population health management space. This marks the fourth consecutive quarter that Applied Health Analytics has received this honor.

Applied Health Analytics was chosen as a Top Vendor for its best-in-class technology offerings that equip hospitals, health systems and employers with the tools to manage employee health and wellbeing initiatives. Top Vendors are selected on a quarterly basis and are chosen based on a wide range of criteria, including:

  • Company stability
  • Number of lives covered
  • Number of consecutive RFP wins
  • Bid finalist meeting scores
  • Post-implementation quality survey ratings
  • Quality and recency of customer reviews
  • Quantity of vendor name searches in the Shortlister platform

“We are pleased to be named as a Top Vendor for both Health Risk Assessment and Wellbeing Companies by Shortlister for the fourth consecutive quarter,” said Robert Chamberlain, Chairman and CEO at Applied Health Analytics. “This honor demonstrates that Applied Health Analytics consistently meets Top Vendor criteria and continues to win the bid process for health systems and employers that are looking for the best-in-class technology supported by white glove account management and relationship support.”

Applied Health Analytics offers risk stratification and engagement technology through the bIQ™ Population Health Management platform. bIQ allows health systems and employers to achieve data interoperability in the deployment and tracking of employee wellbeing initiatives. This includes a well-utilized proprietary health risk assessment that provides insight into individual health risks and overall wellbeing, allowing for early detection of chronic and underlying health issues.

Applied Health Analytics understands the unique needs of health systems and employers looking to enhance employee health and reduce benefit expense, especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers who are better able to segment employee populations and identify high-risk employees will be better equipped to deploy services and interventions to this segment. Applied Health Analytics’ technology makes it easy to identify employees who are at-risk and provides the tools and resources to streamline and optimize the delivery of these health initiatives.

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