Alight provides high-touch, one-on-one benefits experience

Alight Benefits Guidance helps employees optimize their benefits elections, while allowing employers to better manage their plans

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Alight Solutions, a leader in benefits payroll and cloud solutions, has enhanced its benefits counselor services through the creation of Alight Benefits Guidance. This white glove service provides employees with high-touch benefits support during important events such as annual enrollment and new hire orientation

Alight’s licensed counselors connect with employees to help them understand their full benefits package, including core and voluntary benefits, and navigate the process with high quality providers. These individual advisory sessions enable people to make the right selections based on their needs and the needs of their families hrtech news.

“The employee experience should be at the center of every company’s benefits strategy in order to increase their understanding of the options available and make them feel their needs are being met,” said Brannon Lacey, president of benefits solutions at Alight. “Alight’s counselor-guided process provides a highly personalized and direct level of engagement that helps employees make better decisions and maximize the full suite of employer benefits provided to them.”

Alight Benefits Guidance also works with employers and their brokers, carriers and consultants to create tailored benefits strategies and communications, modify plan designs and increase employee enrollment and year-round plan utilization hrtech.

“The customer service aspect was huge,” said Kelly Flake, senior HR benefits specialist at Toyota Boshoku America. “Many team members had not worked with a benefits counselor before, and they loved being able to work through all their questions with a knowledgeable source.”

Alight Benefits Guidance can also help employers navigate the changes and challenges related to COVID-19 by serving as a resource to address employee questions about their benefits and changes to their employment status, among other issues.


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