Alegeus Announces Employee Care Card Program

employee wellness

In response to the continuing COVID-19 crisis, Alegeus, the market leader in consumer-directed healthcare (CDH) solutions, today announced a new offering, the Employee Care Card, which enables employers to offer targeted financial support for employees to address their most immediate needs as the pandemic continues to unfold. Employees receive these relief funds via a convenient debit card, supported by a simple online experience to check their balance and view transactions hrtech news.

The Employee Care Card offers employers more flexibility than cash or gift cards to provide financial aid to their employees as they navigate this crisis. Employers determine the amount they wish to contribute per employee, as well as the type of eligible expenses they want to allow – from groceries and home office supplies to educational supplies and more. Unlike cash or gift cards, employers control how the dollars can be spent, preserve unspent dollars, and gain real-time insight into employee spending trends. All of this comes in a turnkey program that doesn’t add work for already-stretched-thin internal resources hrtech.

For Alegeus third-party administrator and health insurance plan clients that already offer account-based benefit programs to employers, the Employee Care Card represents a tremendous new product opportunity to deliver expanded value and to help their customers through a very challenging time in their business. Like all Alegeus products, clients will have the ability to configure and brand program materials and the experience.

“As COVID-19 continues to put tremendous pressure on people, families, businesses and the economy at large, employers are looking for ways to support their employees through this crisis,” said Steven Auerbach, Alegeus CEO. “The Employee Care Card gives them a highly flexible and configurable way to provide meaningful assistance during an unprecedented time.”

Join Alegeus for an informational webinar to discuss this new offering on Friday, March 27, at 1 p.m. ET. Click here to register.


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