Alcor announces the launch of AccessFlow and High5 platforms for ServiceNow

digital transformation
digital transformation

The global digital transformation company, Alcor has rolled out two new solutions for ServiceNow. ServiceNow is known as the hrtech news arena for automating standard HR processes between employers and employees. The new products are – 1) AccesFlow, a platform for identity and access management, 2) High5, a completely automated system for employee rewards and recognitions.

Both these solutions are now available in the ServiceNow App Store.

AccessFlow is a solution that will automate the management of identity and access and compliance. It also backs the employers in defining access management blueprints, ongoing operations, renewals, and authority along with maintaining roles and accounts with documented approvals, dashboards, and access reviews.

Amit Singh, the CEO of Alcor explained that this platform is designed to be a one-stop solution in true sense for all access management requirements across the entire access management lifecycle. This product has a low code/no code philosophy that supports making it easy to use and inexpensive for rolling out and managing the same.

The other product, High5, is designed to support the companies in streamlining their processes of employee appreciation as well as connecting the workforce on one single platform which would simplify multiple involved processes of appreciation and recognition as stated by the company.

With the help of this platform, workers can showcase their appreciation for their colleagues and work done by them or celebrate their own milestones and achievements by giving High5 points. When the employer sponsors them, these points can be converted into rewards that can be redeemed via cash redemption, gift cards, or other options provided on the online store of High5.

High5 platform’s access is available in two plans, Premium and Basic.

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