AI-Powered Referral Platform to Boost Candidate Placements By 900%

WorkLLama enters the UK market to help recruiters attract and place more candidates through an automated, mobile-first SAAS platform

WorkLLama, the AI-powered talent community platform, has entered the UK market with a commitment to increasing productivity, placements and business growth for agency and corporate recruitment teams.

With the Office for National Statistics reporting increasing employment levels and the latest REC/KPMG UK Report on Jobs reporting the highest vacancy growth since 1998, talent shortages once again abound, with the recruitment community innovating to enhance their service offering and value proposition to the wider market.

For recruiters and talent teams again facing the war for talent, finding more efficient ways to attract and recruit candidates will help facilitate getting people back to work whilst also enhancing their own productivity and placement rates.

For corporate talent teams this means attracting more candidates and making more placements whilst enhancing the candidate experience; and for recruitment agencies, delivering a more cost-effective delivery model, where low-value repetitive tasks are automated. Both will help get more people into work whilst enabling growth and supporting the wider UK economy.

By leveraging referral networks through AI and automation, WorkLLama enables:

  • 900% increase in candidate placements
  • 300% increase in candidate referrals
  • 46% increase in new or re-engaged candidates
  • 66% reduction in time to hire

Sudhakar Maruvada, WorkLLama CEO, comments: “The UK recruitment market is arguably the most mature and competitive in the world, with recruitment agencies and corporate talent teams vying for a shrinking talent pool whilst looking towards innovative ways to enhance the recruitment process and candidate experience. With the economic growth forecast upgraded to 5.7% in 2021, businesses will need to find new ways to access the talent they need to grow their businesses and take advantage of the projected rebound.

“Traditional recruitment and hiring processes are no longer effective. While professional networking platforms and talent tech have helped amass vast audiences, they fail to deliver a seamless process that is both scalable and referral driven. WorkLLama’s technology makes it possible to automate candidate sourcing and communication through each step of the recruitment process while AI and automation improve the efficiency of sourcing teams.”

WorkLLama has formally launched in the UK market and is working with recruitment agencies, RPO/MSP providers, workforce augmentation businesses and corporate/direct hire teams to enhance their recruitment processes. Interested parties can request a demo of the platform.

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