Abra announces a series of new feature releases


Abra, the workforce platform built exclusively for Healthcare IT, announces a series of new feature releases aimed at creating a more efficient and seamless experience for users.

With these new enhancements, Abra solidifies its commitment to streamlining the recruitment process, empowering candidates to stand out, and enabling Healthcare Technology leaders to quickly find the right talent to deliver on projects without breaking the budget.

1. In-Profile Video Feature gives talent a brand new way to shine 

Abra introduces an innovative in-profile video feature, providing candidates with a distinctive opportunity to differentiate themselves from other contenders who match for the same role.

Through this cutting-edge capability, job seekers can showcase their unique skills, personality, and passion directly to potential employers, making a lasting impression and increasing their chances of securing their desired position.

2. Additional Preferences for Job Seekers create more tailored matching

Features aimed at giving talent users more relevant matches include the introduction of the “Open to direct hire” designation, allowing Health IT professionals to match to full time employment instead of just contract consulting work.

Additionally, the new “hours of availability,” feature enables users to match not just based on total capacity but, where applicable, based on the correct shift.

By updating these designations in their profiles, candidates can minimize exposure to irrelevant opportunities. The expanded preferences also reduce the required time spent screening on behalf of both talent and employers, since more data is built right into making a match.

3. Employer Feedback Loop empowers candidates with valuable insights

Understanding the importance of constructive feedback throughout the hiring process, Abra launches a unique feature that allows candidates to receive feedback directly from employers once a match is made.

This is geared toward keeping candidates informed about their progress, understanding areas for improvement, and avoiding the uncertainty that often accompanies the hiring process.

4. Self-Service Portal for Employers creates near effortless demand sharing

Abra empowers employers by introducing an intuitive self-service portal that simplifies the process of sharing opportunities on the platform.

With this user-friendly interface, employers can effortlessly post their demand and match to qualified Healthcare IT talent and even chat with candidates directly.

The self-service portal streamlines the recruitment journey, saving employers time and resources while ensuring they promptly connect with the talent they need.

“In November 2022, we launched the Abra platform with our foundational skills matching technology which contains more than 12,000 unique data points for skills and product certifications specific to healthcare enterprise applications,” shares Allie Messimer, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development at Abra.

“With the launch of this new suite of features, we’re making it easier than ever for talent to find their ideal opportunities without that hassle and for employers to find the talent they need right on time and while saving 20-40% on the cost to employ.”

Abra’s new features for talent and the self-service portal for employers are slated for release in Summer of 2023.

With these cutting-edge enhancements, Abra continues to bridge the gap between exceptional candidates and leading organizations within the industry.

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