65% of Employees Are Suffering from Burnout: isolved

While overall burnout is steadily declining year over year, 72% of employees say burnout is impacting performance


Isolved, the highest-rated human resource management system, published its Fourth-Annual HR trends report, “Uncovering the Significant HR Trends of 2024 to Maximize Your Next- Best Step,” which identifies the needs and wants of the modern employee and how employers can better support their workforce. The report found that although the prominence of employee burnout slightly decreased compared to isolved’s HR Trends of 2023 report, a large portion – 65% – of employees say they have experienced burnout this year. Further, the report found that burnout is causing productivity implications, with 72% of employees saying it has impacted their performance.

Unfortunately, the impact of burnout doesn’t end with the employee as poor employee experiences often lead to a lackluster customer experience (CX). According to isolved’s recent Voice of the Workforce 2023-2024, 90% of employees said the experience they have as an employee influences the experience they provide customers.

“Leaders need to keep a close eye on employee experience in 2024,” said Celia Fleischaker, Chief Marketing Officer at isolved. “The critical nature of customer experience is often prioritized over the employee’s day-to-day workplace experience, but the reality is the two are very intertwined, and a poor company culture can detrimentally impact an organization’s bottom line and long-term competitiveness. This year’s report found that one of the top reasons employees are not satisfied with their current role is because they’re underwhelmed by their company’s culture. Successful businesses are focusing on creating and maintaining employee experience that meets employees’ needs and wants. Creating employee experiences that matter is great for business.”

With a strong emphasis on employee experience in 2024, isolved’s report identified additional employee needs that employers should keep in mind:

  • Eighty-eight percent of employees say it has become more important to have a job they find personally fulfilling.
  • More than half (53%) of employees want their employer to provide more opportunities to develop their skills.
  • More than half (52%) of employees are craving a more flexible work environment.
  • Nearly 1 out of 5 employees (19%) would like improved internal communications, taking the top spot over “pay employees market value” (18%).

isolved’s findings illustrate the importance of creating a next-level employee experience that addresses what really matters to employees. Businesses that will find success in recruiting and retaining the best talent in 2024 are the ones that are focused with their efforts.

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