Lattice announced Lattice HRIS

Early access program now available to US-based companies looking to connect the complete employee record with Lattice's award-winning talent management suite


Lattice, the leader in people management software, today announced Lattice HRIS, a human resources information system that will manage the employee record and integrate directly with Lattice’s existing talent suite of products — allowing customers to report on metrics, uncover critical insights about their employees and teams, prove the success of their HR programs, and automate change management processes across their workforce.

Lattice HRIS was built from the ground up to help scaling businesses connect critical performance, engagement, compensation, and employee development programs with the data, policies, and procedures required for them to succeed. Companies can join the waitlist for an exclusive early access program today, giving them the ability to experience Lattice HRIS and provide feedback on the product before it is publicly available next year.

“Lattice has spent eight years building products that help HR leaders create stronger employee experiences and employees to build more meaningful careers, from performance management to employee engagement surveys to career development to compensation management — all based on the idea that people are the central asset for any company,” said Jack Altman, CEO and co-founder at Lattice. “With Lattice HRIS, we saw an opportunity to build on the success of our talent suite and connect high-impact talent programs to the policies, documents, and reporting HR leaders need to gain a comprehensive understanding of their employees — and clean up their HR tech stack in the process.”

A recent survey shows that 90% of CEOs say they want HR to have a central role in the business; however, only 45% believe they’re creating conditions for HR to thrive. HR leaders are increasingly looking to find the best HR tools to help position their teams for success — driving performance and business results at every turn while supporting the growth and engagement of their employees, managers, and teams.

As the first HRIS on the market that operates alongside a top-rated, flexible talent management suite, Lattice is uniquely positioned to offer customers an HR platform that meets the needs of today’s strategic HR leaders. With Lattice HRIS, HR teams can drive efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence across their organization with functionality that allows them to:

  • Implement seamless onboarding experiences that not only make sure the right employee information is captured but help employees hit the ground running on the right projects;
  • Allow teams to track and review attendance with time off, holiday calendar, and leave management while proactively preventing burnout with easy visualizations of time off balances;
  • Analyze people metrics with accurate data, allowing HR leaders and executives to save, schedule, and share critical people reports;
  • Build workflows that don’t just automate employee communications but help to address potential change fatigue by ensuring they receive the right information at the right time;
  • Visualize, compare, and uncover people insights that drive strategic decision-making to improve employee engagement, turnover, and diversity initiatives;
  • Integrate with some of the world’s most respected payroll, hiring, benefits, and identity management companies to ensure Lattice HRIS provides a seamless experience across HR team needs.

“The HR function has continued to evolve, and over the last few years, that’s meant HR teams and companies are looking for ways to shift away from the more administrative side of HR into being that true strategic business partner,” said Sarah Walker, head of people at LTSE and a Lattice HRIS beta user. “The integration of strategy and performance is the most critical piece that HR can play within a company, and we need to build more efficiencies for our people leaders to support that. Lattice HRIS creates a one-stop shop for our people leaders to solve these needs and allow HR to get further integrated into the business.”

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