2024 Work Futures Study: Dexian

Study uncovers areas of improvement for employers across the use of AI, cultural fit, work arrangements, and upskilling/reskilling.


Dexian, a leading provider of staffing, IT, and workforce solutions, today announced the findings of its 2024 Work Futures Study. The research uncovers a significant disconnect between what workers want and need and what employers are delivering – from the role of tech/AI in the hiring process, the importance of cultural fit, and preferences in work arrangements to the need for upskilling/reskilling. The study was fielded between December 2023 and April 2024 and included responses from 2,000 workers and 1,325 HR decision makers.

AI and the hiring process.

The 2024 Work Futures Study finds that most workers believe companies rely too much on technology and AI in the hiring process. Meanwhile, according to the study findings, six in 10 employers are struggling with how and where to utilize AI in the hiring process. Other findings include:

  • Nearly three-quarters (72%) of workers agree that employers are relying too much on technology and AI in the hiring process.
  • Less than half (48%) of workers agree that tech-enabled job searches will help them find the right job for them quicker.
  • Only 24% of workers believe AI should be used in the reviewing of resumes/applications.

“While it’s understandable that some workers have apprehensions about the use of AI in the hiring process, it is crucial for organizations to address these anxieties. Doing so helps workers and jobseekers understand that if responsibly and properly implemented, AI tools can boost their job search and help get them into their ideal jobs more quickly,” says Maruf Ahmed, CEO of Dexian. “Use of AI in recruiting and staffing should not be about replacing the human touch and decision-making that is critical in the hiring process; it should be about finding ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness to drive great results more quickly. That’s the approach we have taken at Dexian, and we call upon all companies to ensure they take an ethical and responsible approach to integrating existing and future technologies in their hiring process.”

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