Zextras introduces Carbonio – A Private Digital Workplace


Zextras, the leading email and collaboration solutions provider, introduced Carbonio – a private digital workplace for the public sector and regulated industries.

Carbonio emerges as an exceptional solution for the public sector, enabling them to implement an extensive digital workspace for their internal teams and stakeholders. Delivering a suite of features that are not only comprehensive but also fully customizable, from emails and calendars to video meetings and file storage, Carbonio allows for superior adaptation to any unique technical requirements or business objectives. It is equally enticing for regulated industries to enhance their operations by providing secure software solutions tailored to meet the distinct security needs of their country and respective states.

The platform is rooted in robust compliance with global data protection regulations, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This fosters a secure digital environment for users, ensuring their data is aptly guarded. This high-powered alignment with stringent regulations further positions Carbonio as a reliable choice for businesses aiming to future-proof their operations while adhering to international privacy standards.

Carbonio is a complete and private alternative to Microsoft 365. It offers all the features of Microsoft 365 but with the added security and privacy required by the public sector and regulated industries. Carbonio can be hosted either in the customer’s own data center, ensuring that all data remains under the customer’s control, or by a local Cloud Service Provider (CSP) or Managed Service Provider (MSP), offering a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that is fully compliant with local regulations.

“The public sector and regulated industries have been underserved in terms of privacy by the major providers of cloud-based productivity solutions,” said Zextras CEO Paolo Storti. “Carbonio fills this gap by offering a complete and private alternative to Microsoft 365. We are excited to offer this solution to our customers.”

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