Zellis HCM AIR takes payroll and HR innovation to new heights

  • Zellis HCM AIR leverages AI and realtime payroll to transform the payroll experience, driving improved accuracy and efficiencies 
  • Intelligent payslips enable employees to better understand their pay and variations over time

Zellis, the largest provider of payroll and HR software to employers in the UK and Ireland, today announces the launch of Zellis HCM AIR – a major product upgrade that deploys cutting-edge AI and introduces realtime payroll calculation for enhanced functionality and user experience. 

Zellis HCM AIR, which combines AI – and Realtime, is a generational upgrade of Zellis’ flagship payroll and HR software platform, Zellis HCM Cloud, and includes ground-breaking new capabilities that unlock increased payroll accuracy and HR efficiency. 

Specifically, Zellis HCM AIR introduces four significant new features: 

Realtime payroll: the integration of realtime payroll replaces traditional ‘batch’ processing with an ‘always in calc’ model, enabling customers to distribute workloads more evenly across the payroll cycle. This eliminates the peak workloads that fuel month-end stress and creates more time for payroll teams to verify data and drive accuracy, reducing the cost of errors and late leavers. Zellis HCM AIR also includes realtime data dashboards that enable full payroll visibility to support agile decision-making and improved operational resilience, as well as autonomous payroll for task-scheduling. 

Intelligent anomaly detection: using AI and rules-based methods to identify irregular or unexpected payroll data, Zellis HCM AIR highlights potential errors in realtime and throughout the entire payroll cycle so that anomalies can be checked and corrected immediately. As well as helping to avoid payroll errors, this innovative feature saves much of the time and manual effort required to verify payroll. 

Intelligent data entry: Zellis HCM AIR rapidly and accurately scans information from common hand-written or printed HR forms such as P45s and new starter documents, entering it into the relevant employee’s record automatically. This significantly reduces the need for manual data entry, enhancing both payroll efficiency and the payroll team experience. 

Intelligent payslip: Employees using Zellis HCM AIR benefit from personalised, AI-powered explainer messages in their digital payslip, which help them to understand their pay, deductions to pay, and variations over time. This supports improved financial understanding and reduces pay and employment queries. Powered by Azure OpenAI, this feature builds on Zellis’ demonstrable pattern of innovation on the Microsoft Azure platform, which includes tight integration with Power Automate and Power BI.   

Zellis HCM AIR was unveiled at a launch event in London that was streamed online and included demonstrations from company leaders, as well as a keynote address from future-of-work analyst, Anita Lettink. The event also featured a fire-side chat with Clare Barclay, CEO, Microsoft UK, and emphasised the importance of Zellis’ close partnership with Microsoft. 

George Dunnett, Chief Product Officer at Zellis, said: As a company, we are proud of our innovative culture, and we have been very thoughtful about the best use cases for new technology. Zellis HCM AIR is a truly significant product upgrade, enabled by our sophisticated data architecture, that supports unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy, and we look forward to bringing these tangible benefits to our customers.” 

Dunnett continued: “Zellis HCM AIR has been designed with both the employer and the employee in mind. Realtime payroll reduces the stress that payroll teams experience at the end of each month, and intelligent payslips will improve employees’ financial understanding by bringing a personalised and consumer-grade experience to payroll.”

HR technology analyst and future-of-work expert, Anita Lettink, added: “These innovations will help to solve some of the most pressing issues that employees and payroll teams are facing today. Not only that, they provide the valuable use cases that HR leaders are looking for as AI becomes ever more pivotal in the future of work.” 

Customers who take Zellis Managed Services can also upgrade to Zellis Managed Service AIR. This next-generation service offering combines the pioneering technology of Zellis HCM AIR with exclusive collaboration tooling and transformation expertise, to create exceptional colleague experiences and support customers with their transformation agendas.

Zellis HCM AIR is scheduled for general availability in Q3 2024, with additional functions and features to be introduced as part of Zellis’ ongoing releases in the cloud cycle. 

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