XpertHR announced strategic change to Brightmine

Brightmine will fuel continued growth by transforming how HR leaders apply trusted data, AI and human expertise to deliver better business outcomes


XpertHR announced it has rebranded to Brightmine™, marking a strategic change for the company to further support HR leaders through today’s increasingly complex workforce conditions and global economic uncertainty. By leveraging its extensive experience of over 20-years as a legal and compliance service, Brightmine will fill a gap in the market through its unique combination of the industry’s most up-to-date data sets, AI-enabled technology and trusted HR expertise, empowering HR leaders at more than 10,000 global organizations with the insight and guidance needed to improve business outcomes.

“The workforce has undergone a transformational shift in the past five years, requiring businesses to become more adept at navigating regulatory, social, and strategic workforce decisions,” said Scott Walker, CEO of Brightmine. “Organizations are growing increasingly aware of the need to show business value from the HR function, demanding clear data-driven decision making and new approaches to enhancing the employee experience, risk management and talent strategy. As the workforce evolution continues, Brightmine will partner with HR leaders to illuminate the way to brighter business outcomes.”

Data-enabled insights empower HR leaders to make strategic decisions that in turn attract and retain employees for the long haul, creating employee advocates and a competitive advantage in the market. In today’s dynamic HR landscape fraught with regulatory changes, a strained talent market and rapid disruption from generative AI, leaders need a forward-thinking approach to data. Yet, many leaders are still stuck with outdated and fragmented data analytics methods, hindering them from moving their businesses into the future.

“Solutions like those available through Brightmine allow HR professionals to sit at the top table and work alongside other senior leadership with the assurance and confidence that the insights, advice and guidance that they’re drawing on from Brightmine is current, it’s relevant, it’s legally compliant and it’s of a very high standard,” said Gemma Todd, Head of HR Services and Projects, Kingswood Group.

The Brightmine Product Portfolio uniquely combines critical people data, AI-enabled technology and trusted HR expertise to help HR professionals move forward with confidence, transforming how HR leaders use data to reduce risk, improve talent strategies and significantly increase HR impact. With this combination, today, Brightmine delivers:

  • Compensation Planning & Equity Analytics – Empowers HR and compensation leaders to build talent management and reward strategies that improve employee engagement, achieve pay equity and mitigate risk. Brightmine’s solutions provide continuous, trusted, deep insights directly from customers’ workforce data, and benchmark payroll data from the freshest industry data sets available.
  • Compliance Insight & Automation – Equips HR and compliance leaders with tools to craft robust HR strategies, manage diverse workforces and navigate employment law efficiently. Brightmine’s distinctive approach integrates trusted human expertise and AI to proactively address compliance challenges, minimize risks and optimize HR operations for sustained success.

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