WorkWave Launches WorkWave Financial Services

WorkWave's Business Builder Visa credit card is its newest offering under WorkWave Financial Services, aimed to help small businesses build strong credit in their company's name


WorkWave®, a leading provider of SaaS software solutions that support every stage of a service business’s life cycle, announces the launch of WorkWave Financial Services, a collection of financial offerings that will range from credit cards, to lending, to tailored insurance and more — all designed specifically to help WorkWave customers grow their business and maximize their money.

“WorkWave Financial Services allows us to use our position as an industry leader, combined with the significant investment we have made to build out our payments and financial capabilities, to give back to our customers in ways that no other technology partners are capable of,” said David F. Giannetto, CEO of WorkWave. “As their trusted partner, our customers look to us to support every area of their business with integrated solutions that work hand in hand to increase their efficiency, not just in service, but as they grow and utilize their money. Our financial services offerings will provide greater access to capital, more efficient rates for loans and credit, and favorable insurance programs that are critical to growing their business.”

The newest offering under WorkWave Financial Services is the Business Builder Visa credit card, specifically created to help small businesses build a strong credit rating in their company’s name. This is a major challenge for many small businesses, especially if the owner has no or a low credit rating. Unlike any other traditional credit card, the Business Builder Visa is backed by a portion of daily settlement sales, providing business owners more control over spending. Business Builder cardholders will benefit by avoiding excessive interest rates, late charges and personal financial exposure associated with high-fee credit cards and loans by leveraging the capital they are already creating through daily sales.

“Most card issuers are averse to underwriting risk for small businesses, but as their strategic partner, we believe in our customers’ success and it’s our responsibility to support them and help them grow,” said Giannetto. “The Business Builder Visa addresses a real, sustainable solution to support their need to lay a strong foundation from which these companies can scale, and build a company they are proud of for generations to come.”

The Business Builder Visa joins WorkWave’s integrated payment processing solution as part of this newly launched WorkWave Financial Services offering. It will soon include lending service, insurance and payroll.

WorkWave is one of the largest software companies underwriting risk on behalf of its customers, which has allowed it to rapidly grow its financial services offering, and offer rates that are typically never offered to small businesses.

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