Workhuman launches Microsoft Teams Integration

The seamless integration embeds recognition directly in the flow of work, fueling more adoption and recognition activity, and therefore greater cultural and business impact across the enterprise


Workhuman®, the company revolutionizing the way employees celebrate, connect with and appreciate each other in the workplace, has strengthened its market-leading Social Recognition platform by launching the all-new Workhuman app for Microsoft Teams. The application, which is now available for download in the Microsoft Teams app store, gives an organization’s employees full access to all features of Workhuman’s powerful recognition platform from directly within Microsoft Teams, where employees are working, meeting, creating, communicating, and collaborating every day. Leveraging the latest capabilities in the Microsoft Teams platform, this new application allows Workhuman to offer its clients a way to elevate the awareness of and real-time participation in their employee recognition programs.

“In the modern workplace, no one wants to stop what they’re doing to navigate to another application. We’ve radically simplified the user experience so that employees can participate in recognition where employees already are, natively within Microsoft Teams,” said Jim Drewry Workhuman VP, Product. “This integration enables enterprises to meet and exceed performance and culture goals by recognizing the whole human at any time, from any device with Teams access. Professional contributions, service milestones, and personal achievements are all highlighted and showcased in our Teams app homepage. Ultimately, pervasive recognition creates employees who are motivated to align with company culture and goals because they feel seen and recognized as human beings. This vastly improves employee perception and sentiment, which in turn means better business outcomes.”

Building upon Workhuman’s initial Teams integration, which supports users launching the recognition nomination process within Teams chats and Teams channels, the new app offers:

  • A native welcome page that enables instant recognition and showcases an ‘always on’ awards feed, and a highlight reel of years-of-service awards and celebrations without requiring employees to log into a company intranet.
  • Award notifications within the Teams Activity tab, and the ability to add kudos and congratulations to colleagues throughout the organization who are receiving recognition or celebrating key life and work milestones, creating a more cohesive company culture experience.
  • The ability to deliver ‘in-the-moment’ recognition within a Teams chat, channel, or even meeting (with a Microsoft Teams meeting extension)– on mobile, desktop, or web versions of Teams.
  • The ability for employees to see their own points balance as a reminder of the recognition they have received from peers, and one-click access the Workhuman Store to browse and redeem for merchandise, gift cards, charities, or Experiences.
  • Teams administrators the ability to centrally permission and deploy the application into the organization’s Microsoft Teams environment, with granular controls and strong security options.

Research from Workhuman and Gallup explored the impact of recognition on a business. One of the main findings found that one in four employees in Gallup’s global database strongly agree that they have received recognition or praise for doing good work in the last week. However, the study also found that if this number was doubled, businesses could see a 9% improvement in productivity, as well as $91,989,474 in gained employee productivity. Additional research found that when employees experience recognition for life events and work milestones, they are three times as likely to strongly agree they feel connected to culture.

The Workhuman app for Microsoft Teams harnesses all the power of an enterprise’s human resources and employee experience strategy and delivers it to a captivated audience to spark improved employee engagement, connection, retention, and productivity at scale. The release of the Workhuman app for Microsoft Teams is the next step in Workhuman’s evolution of bringing the power of its entire platform through the digital employee experience offered by Microsoft 365; including Microsoft Teams, Viva, Outlook, SharePoint, and more. For more information about Workhuman’s integration capabilities

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