WorkGenius Group strengthens Global Presence: acquires Expertlead

WorkGenius Group

WorkGenius, a freelance technology company headquartered in New York City, has announced the acquisition of Expertlead, a Berlin-based technology firm known for matching tech freelancers with companies and offering peer-to-peer live coding assessments. This marks the third acquisition by WorkGenius in the last 14 months, following the acquisitions of JBC and Agency WorX in the US and brings the Group’s revenue to $150M.

Expertlead, founded by Arne Hosemann and Alexander Schlomberg, and funded by Rocket Internet, Acton Capital and SEEK, is well known for its offering that connects companies with skilled tech freelancers while also providing cutting-edge live coding assessments.

“With the rise of AI and Chat GPT, we have seen a need for actual live assessments as traditional asynchronous assessments lose value. Expertlead’s technology and operations perfectly integrate with our WorkGenius technology and will be available for our entire client base,” said Daniel Barke, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of WorkGenius.

Alexander Schlomberg expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “With WorkGenius we found a global partner who believes in a combination of human touch and technology. Sharing that same vision will drive us to become the global human capital powerhouse of the future.”

Expertlead’s services and product, including their assessment technology, will be fully integrated into WorkGenius, expanding WorkGenius’s reach in the technology freelance market. Both WorkGenius and Expertlead’s clients will benefit from the synergies of the combined platforms.

“This acquisition builds upon the momentum created by our previous acquisitions of JBC and WorX. Expertlead’s peer-to-peer assessment brings a complimentary dimension to our comprehensive offerings, making us a one-stop destination for talent management needs,” stated Marlon Rosenzweig, CEO and Co-Founder of WorkGenius.

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