Wellness Coaches Announces Launch of Nutrition Counseling Via Telehealth

In response to COVID-19, Wellness Coaches mobilizes entire network of Registered Dietitians.

Wellness Coaches today announced that Nutrition Counseling is now available via Telehealth, offering the same benefits of in-person counseling with Registered Dietitians, now with the convenience of a virtual connection. Nutrition Counseling offers personalized support for healthier eating for employees and their spouses and dependents.

”The launch of our Telehealth Nutrition Counseling Services enables employees, spouses, and dependents to benefit from a holistic approach to care, delivered virtually, in their time of need,” said Rob Putnam, CEO, Wellness Coaches. “The data clearly shows that personal Nutrition Counseling with a Registered Dietitian consistently improves overall well-being and delivers impressive outcomes for those with chronic and acute health conditions.”

“Users now have convenient access to our network of caring Registered Dietitians (RDs) at the touch of a button, as well as a wide range of free nutrition deliverables. In addition to working with our RDs on diet and nutrition, users get curated content including a personalized nutrition guide, meal planning, and much more, empowering them with evidence-based nutritional guidance that is designed for their unique health needs,” Rob added.

Features and benefits of Nutrition Counseling via Telehealth include:

  • Support for boosting immunity, managing emotional eating, and family nutrition during COVID-19
  • Available at no cost or co-pays under many health plans
  • Available for spouses/partners and dependents
  • Confidential and HIPAA protected


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