Weichert workforce mobility enhances user experience

MyWIN adds a bold new look, intuitive navigation, enhanced data analytics and personalized tools for HR managers and relocating employees

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Weichert Workforce Mobility, one of the world’s leading providers of global relocation solutions, has released the latest version of MyWIN, the relocation management system for corporate HR managers and mobile employees hrtech news.

This version delivers a bold new look, easier navigation and an even more intuitive user experience, deftly balancing innovation with the ever-changing, real-world needs of relocating employees and HR managers. Building upon the system that was voted “industry’s best technology” in Trippel Research’s Seventeenth Annual Relocation Managers Survey, the latest MyWIN boasts a number of valuable enhancements for HR managers, including one-click and no-click access to data that fuels key decisions such as total program spend, employee status and custom reports. The system also offers enhanced analytics that allow deeper insight to program and budget trends hrtech.

“We designed MyWIN to make it incredibly easy for relocation managers to get the information they need fast,” said Stewart McCardle, SVP, Technology. “With real-time, customizable reporting and single sign-on connectivity to HRIS, ERP and payroll platforms like Workday, SAP and ADP, MyWIN is a true game changer—a fully integrated solution for relocation program cost reporting and analytics.”

The new MyWIN also propels the relocating employee experience with a mobile-first design, tools to streamline home and neighborhood research and mobile expense submission. Virtually every detail of an employee’s move can be managed right on his or her mobile device.

“MyWIN engages relocating employees intuitively and intelligently, enabling self-service that boosts efficiency and satisfaction,” said McCardle. “It is legendary technology that complements our Legendary Service, transforming complex journeys into memorable experiences.”

MyWIN’s most unique attribute is its single-platform architecture, which combines domestic and global data in one database to make it incredibly easy to get real-time insight to the full spectrum of mobility activity while ensuring data accuracy, integrity and security.

Because MyWIN is “living” technology, continuously improved upon and drawing comparative data from more than 50,000 relocation transactions that Weichert manages annually, the system evolves with the ever-changing needs of corporate clients and mobile employees.

“Part of our commitment to propelling mobility is delivering technology solutions that anticipate and resolve customer needs, offer tangible cost savings and efficiencies and, most importantly, advance the customer experience,” said McCardle. “We look forward to continuing to develop tools that modernize mobility.”


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