WageLink: New Payroll App for the Digital Workforce

Payroll Growth Partners' App Modernizes Payroll Systems, Unlocks New Choices for Employees


Payroll Growth Partners (PGP) announces the launch of WageLink, a leading-edge payroll app designed to deliver an array of modern payroll services to employees served by payroll companies in PGP’s portfolio. WageLink offers features like paycards, mobile payments, budgeting tools, and early pay access.

WageLink marks the inaugural milestone of PGP’s ambitious super-app – a personalized, all-in-one mobile and desktop portal for everyday financial tasks, from collecting wages to bill and tax payments, budgeting, investing and more.

Leading the charge is Ohio-based payroll services provider PayBridge, the first in PGP’s portfolio to introduce WageLink to its clients and workforce. According to PayBridge’s Founder, Tony Chiviles, “WageLink gives our clients a competitive edge in talent acquisition and retention, providing innovative tools for personal finance management to employees. Furthermore, WageLink expands our payroll product offerings while delivering operational efficiency and cost savings.”

PGP’s Founder, Simon Babakhani, underscores their commitment to leveraging technology for portfolio company growth. He says, “WageLink optimizes payroll processing and HR management, meeting the expectations of tech-savvy employees who seek modern, convenient wage access.”

WageLink introduces PGP’s affiliated workforce to a new realm of possibilities, from early wage access to mobile payments and pay card spending. Notably, WageLink is the first payroll application to integrate traditional payroll systems and paytech with on-chain payments infrastructure.

Aniruddha Dasgupta, Technology Partner at PGP, highlighted the distinctive features: WageLink: “PGP’s WageLink is built directly into the payroll system itself, eliminating the need for third-party tools or add-ons and is integrated with the pay card through Visa. Plus, in partnership with Circle, we pilot cutting edge features, like real-time payroll and the ability for employees to receive part of paycheck in USDC and send earnings across borders in near-real time and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods.

In conclusion, Babakhani shares a bold vision: “We aim to create a modern, seamless global payroll and payments ecosystem, giving consumers worldwide the freedom to choose how they receive and use their wages. WageLink, with its intuitive interface, is your gateway to this exciting future.”

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