VirgilHR announces the launch of its new platform

VirgilHR is an HR technology start-up simplifying HR compliance globally by automating the research of regulatory requirements


VirgilHR today announces the launch of its new platform to transform employment and labor law compliance for HR teams globally. VirgilHR hosts a proprietary database of employment and labor law requirements that integrates directly with HR technology to manage the compliance of employment decisions in a whole new way.

With VirgilHR, companies can empower their HR teams to make compliant employment decisions with ease and confidence. By offering credible, real-time, current employment and labor law guidance automatically into organizations’ work environments, VirgilHR minimizes your liability and risk, saving companies time, and reducing overall cost in internal headcount, attrition, and legal fees and settlements.

VirgilHR’s chatbot guides HR teams while they work, providing prescriptive legal guidance, developed by experienced attorneys, in areas such as leave and wage and labor. VirgilHR streamlines compliant employment decisions in minutes by analyzing thousands of employment and labor laws and simplifying the decision-making process for HR team members.

“VirgilHR is built by HR professionals for HR professionals. We understand first-hand the challenges HR faces on a daily basis when teams try to track and comply with the ever-changing, complex legal landscape. For too long, technology has failed HR compliance needs but we’re here to partner with HR teams to conquer compliance,” says Jocelyn King, SHRM-SCP, CEO and Co-founder of VirgilHR.

Technology has continued to evolve over the past decade but for HR professionals, the evolution hasn’t kept pace with other industries. HR Practitioners spend 73% of their time on administrative tasks including risk and compliance. In 2021, US employers paid over $4B in workplace settlement awards. VirgilHR introduces the evolution of HR compliance technology; by combining automation and employment labor law, HR teams are offered a prescriptive, real-time availability of legal information at their fingertips.

“From HR departments of one to national and international employers, the challenge of keeping pace with myriad federal, state, and local laws, plus regulations that are constantly changing can be overwhelming. HR professionals and corporate counsel are regularly seeking a one-stop-shop where they can find the answers to their daily compliance questions. VirgilHR is a tool designed by cross-industry experts to answer that call in a user-friendly, current, and accessible format.”  says Christine Walters, J.D., MAS, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Independent Consultant, FiveL Company.

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