Venquis Launches MAD33

MAD33 - Made A Difference

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MAD33 tells the stories of the 33 most inspirational change and transformation leaders hrtech news. Those people progressing us faster than ever into the new information age; towards singularity, a world of driverless cars, total automation, genuine AI, cultural change, climate change, content management and DNA editing.

In an ever-changing world, celebrating those people making a difference seems more than necessary hrtech.

MAD33 and Venquis founder Barnaby Parker explains “Since founding Venquis, we have been determined to be a force for good and MAD33 is to recognise those individuals who are leading the pace of positive change”.

Nominations for MAD33 are now open at

The judging panel will select the 33 most inspiring stories from all the nominations, to form the first ever MAD33. The panel includes Barnaby Parker, a Dragon, Professor and Baroness…

Nick Jenkins – from founding to a ‘dragon’ on Dragons Den, Nick is an active investor in early stage tech businesses, and has brought change for the better concerning social issues in the UK.

Deeph Chana. PHD & Director of Practice at Imperial College London, Deeph works on world leading STEM programmes and has established national and international research calls in science and technology.

Gabby Bertin. One of the powerful women by David Cameron’s side, and the youngest member of The House of Lords, Gabby is currently Director of Strategic Communications at BT.

Henry Cohen. Former Deloitte partner, with a sharp understanding of the digital world, Henry has led many transformation projects across the private and public sector.

Linzi Boyd. The BoB Group, Co-Founder and role model for many. From book author to international speaker, Linzi works with British and global brands to make a positive impact.

Martyn Cuff. Global Head HR Transformation, Allianz, Martyn has solved significant transformation challenges and has extensive experience in global financial services.

Olly Donnelly. Chief Executive, Shivia, Olly founded the charity to empower some of the world’s poorest communities in West Bengal and inspire permanent change. Shivia was awarded ‘International Charity of the Year’ 2017.

Be part of the force for positive change, and nominate a person you believe has MAD (Made. A. Difference).


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