Valital Releases AI-Powered Hiring Solution Built on Trust

The Valital AI-driven platform automates the search of online conduct and the confirmation of job references, staying clear of social media and other private data.

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Valital Technologies, an organization dedicated to HCM-specific AI solutions, announced this week the release of its cloud-based talent acquisition solution. Valital will facilitate the relationship between job-seekers and HR professionals through the responsible use of artificial intelligence hrtech news.

“We believe that anyone hiring talent will benefit tremendously from this solution, since it speeds data research in real-time, reduces bias when evaluating candidates and saves hours on the evaluation of applicants hrtech. Valital will allow recruiters to concentrate more on assessing skills and organizational fit.” said Ronny Aoun, CEO and Founder at Valital Technologies. “We never ask for password protected data, and we don’t look at private social media”.

“Our solution brings a new dynamic based on the principles of objectivity and transparency between employers and candidates.” Mr. Aoun, who has extensive experience in the field of human resources and talent management.

To book a demo, or for a free trial, you can visit their website:


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