Vagaro Selects Gusto as Its Official HR Software Partner

HR Software

Running a business is no easy feat, but with the right technology, many tasks can be automated to give back an owner’s most valuable resource: time. In that spirit, Vagaro is deepening its partnership with Gusto through its new initiative, Gusto Embedded Payroll, to further streamline payroll and people operations.

The partnership means that business owners will no longer need to go back and forth between the platforms, but can easily and effectively onboard employees and run payroll entirely within Vagaro. This seamless integration saves small business owners valuable time and money every payday. Even better, Vagaro will be able to collaborate with Gusto to customize payroll to the unique needs of customers specializing in beauty, fitness and wellness. Eventually, Vagaro will extend its business platform to offer HR features and benefits to its customers, too.

“Vagaro is a brand that’s synonymous with quality,” said Fred Helou, CEO of Vagaro. “That’s why we’ve partnered with a payroll software that’s equally as reputable, by choosing Gusto as our official payroll and HR software partner. With Gusto features, Vagaro businesses can streamline payroll and benefits, letting business owners focus efforts on big picture objectives.”

“We’re excited to partner with Vagaro to combine online booking, payment processing, marketing and payroll all in one platform tailor made for beauty, wellness and fitness businesses,” said Somrat Niyogi, Head of Partnerships at Gusto. “The collaboration means business owners can spend less time on business and people operations, and more time on what they love – building and growing their business.”

Specific features born of this new partnership between Vagaro and Gusto will be announced later this year. To learn more about Vagaro, visit

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