UK & US firms, deploy StaffCircle to keep remote workers engaged


Workforce management challenges fuel StaffCircle’s 236% growth and rapid market expansion

StaffCircle, a leading performance management platform, has more than doubled its customer base in the past year, with growth of more than 230%. This has been driven by businesses across all sectors deploying its digital HR and performance management tools to keep their workforces engaged and connected whilst working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

New customers include the NHS, Pitacs Limited, Absoft, Hunter Warfield, and Believe Housing. StaffCircle, the fast-growth UK tech company based in Leicester, has also won new contracts across the financial, insurance, health, legal and maritime sectors. And it has acquired customers in the US market for the first time, opening a new data centre in the US to scale its business in North America.

StaffCircle’s performance management software enables businesses to achieve a unified workforce by connecting all staff, departments and locations digitally for both office and field based employees. The platform provides sophisticated, multichannel communication tools to segment messaging for targeted announcements tailored to specific employee groups. This becomes particularly important for businesses needing to manage and support localised lockdowns or communicate with their furloughed and non-furloughed staff.

Serial entrepreneur and founder of StaffCircle, Mark Seemann, is committed to investing in the platform and providing a 360 solution for businesses that are struggling to engage and motivate workers as the COVID-19 pandemic continues into the winter.

Seemann comments: “We are optimising how businesses can manage, motivate and reward their staff during this hugely challenging period, when many of their employees will be working remotely for the first time. Our easy-to-use platform brings teams and businesses together when the working world is seemingly becoming more disparate. The result is improved staff engagement and wellbeing, increased performance and productivity, and greater agility and resilience in the workforce.”

As part of its continued innovation for its customers, StaffCircle’s latest product version includes a series of differentiated features and systems integrations designed to significantly increase platform value for users. These include:

  • Real time ‘Today-Screen’ for managers – Managers can see their team at a glance without having to search for individuals and click in and out of employee profiles
  • Competency Framework – See how organisational values translate into individual behaviours and how employees exhibit these.
  • 360 Reviews – The platform is adaptable to mirror any type of performance management system, the 360 feature provides an objective view to gain feedback from many different angles.
  • Real-time communication feeds – Internal sharing in the familiar style of social media networks to build company culture. Like, comment and share to increase employee engagement.
  • Success Circles – individual employee performance score cards to track staff progression, performance and cultural alignment for a 360-view containing their individual performance, manager’s input and input from people across the organisation.

The performance management platform will soon include sentiment analysis, a unique feature for companies to track employee engagement and attitudes towards the company, utilising AI technology to predict at-risk areas that are likely to require intervention. StaffCircle already has the functionality to conduct ENPS surveys to measure engagement across the workforce on an ongoing basis and track changes over time.

StaffCircle recently announced its integration with Microsoft Teams, giving customers the unique ability to extend the value of their existing Microsoft investment by incorporating Teams into their performance management process. The company has also expanded its partner ecosystem to include Workvine, recruitment tech, and ERG Recruitment, global recruitment consultants.

Seemann concluded: “As so many people have already observed, even once the pandemic is over, hopefully in the not too distant future, working behaviours and preferences will have changed forever. Businesses are recognising the urgent need to implement digital platforms, not only to weather the current crisis, but to build and maintain a far more fluid and flexible workforce for the future, which is aligned to their company culture and values.”

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