Turning long layovers into relaxing reprieves

Sanctifly brings spa, gym, and lounge access to enterprise-level teams with new corporate license program.


Wellness and workouts during business travel? Your team may finally have the time.

Sanctifly is betting on the comeback of corporate travel—but plans to make it less stressful than it has ever been before. Partnering with Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International, Hyatt, Crowne Plaza, Planet Fitness, XpresSpa, AEROSPA, and more, Sanctifly provides access to gyms, spas, day rooms, pools, showers, luggage storage, and more at airports around the world.

The new corporate offer from Sanctifly starts at just $1 per employee (subject to team size) and promises benefits at more than 165 airports worldwide.

The offer comes at a pivotal moment for corporate travel: employees are increasingly expecting their physical and mental health and wellness to be supported by companies—and they’re more willing than ever to change jobs if their employer doesn’t meet those expectations.

Providing Sanctifly membership to team members who travel frequently shows employees that travel and benefit managers are doing what they can to support their wellness, even when they have to travel for work.

“Companies need to recognize that business travel interrupts their employees’ workout and wellness routines—and do what they can to remedy it in their benefit packages. When employees, particularly Gen Z, feel their wellness is prioritized, they are more productive, have higher job satisfaction, and stay with companies longer.”

—Karl Llewellyn, Founder of Sanctifly

Features of Sanctifly Business Membership:
  • 3,000 health and wellness activities available across 165+ international airports (with new airports & activities added all the time)
  • 100s of luxury hotel gym, pool and spa facilities without booking a room
  • 250 airport executive lounges with showers
  • 1000s of specialist gym and pool locations
  • Discounted airport spa and massage facilities
  • Exclusive rental car rates through partnership with SIXT™
  • Exclusive guides to major airports’ wellness options, including pricing, hours, maps, and discounts at many locations

Sanctifly’s corporate license program is now available worldwide starting at just $1 per employee. For more information, visit Sanctifly.club/clp

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