TriNet Bridges the Health Coverage Gap

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As small and medium size businesses (SMBs) navigate the economic impacts of COVID-19, TriNet, a leading provider of comprehensive human resources, is working to help small and medium sized businesses understand the range of health coverage offerings available to them. At this time, we are proud to be helping the company’s 18,000* SMB customers navigate transitional healthcare coverage options for their employees.

According to recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), about 156 million Americans (around 49 percent of the country’s total population), receive employer-sponsored health insurance. With the U.S. economy experiencing an abrupt contraction, and millions of workers at risk of losing their health coverage, additional options are needed.  Workers who lose health coverage may continue their coverage through COBRA. However, with an average annual premium of $20,576 per family in 2019 (according to additional KFF information), extending employer group coverage through COBRA is out of reach for many families.

TriNet is responding to the looming health insurance coverage gap by facilitating access to alternative health plan options in addition to COBRA.  These alternatives come in a range of price points, which provide greater accessibility at a time of economic uncertainty.  This is a comprehensive effort aimed at ensuring TriNet customers and their workers are empowered to choose the best plans to meet their current needs.

“As a leader in providing HR solutions to SMBs, we are leveraging our deep relationships with the health insurance industry to provide our valued customers and their workers with access to alternative offerings that are needed right away,” said Ed Griese, TriNet SVP of Insurance Services.

A sampling of healthcare alternatives to which TriNet is facilitating access include:

Securing Short Term Medical Insurance

Through short-term health insurance provider Pivot Health, unemployed or furloughed workers can access fast and flexible temporary medical insurance solutions to meet the coverage gap. When a Pivot Health plan is not available, an ACA marketplace plan can serve as an alternative.

Pivot Health plans also include telemedicine through Doctor on Demand, and cover COVID-19 diagnostic testing expenses.

Short-term health insurance plans are not meant to be permanent replacement plans. These plans do not cover pre-existing conditions or the essential benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

Expanding Telemedicine Offerings

TriNet has expanded its telehealth programs to help its clients’ workers who do not currently access their health insurance benefits through TriNet, reach health professionals in a safe, social distancing and economical manner. Working directly with New Benefits, TriNet is providing access to two customized telehealth options through the My Benefits Work mobile app.  Each of these telemedicine programs provide 24/7 access to a doctor anytime, anywhere with no consult fee.  These programs enable subscribers to talk to a doctor by phone or via online video to get a diagnosis, treatment options and prescription, if necessary.  The programs also offer discounted rates on a range of services spanning vision, dental and prescription medications.

TriNet is also providing resources to help workers navigate their options, including a forthcoming webinar series titled, “Bridging the Health Coverage Gap.” More information on the webinar and the latest news on COVID-19 and recommendations for SMBs, can be found at: COVID-19: TriNet Business Resiliency & Preparedness Center.

TriNet is committed to helping its customers navigate this difficult economic period. With a strong balance sheet and ample liquidity, TriNet is a reliable partner for America’s SMBs.


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