TransitScreen Unveils new product to help re-onboarding process

Real-time transportation company expands its commute management solutions with CommuteWise


A Washington, DC-based software company providing commute management solutions developed around real-time transportation information, TransitScreen has launched a new product CommuteWise for businesses and their employees planning to return to the office.

As companies around the nation wrestle with balancing safety and the desire to return to normal, return-to-work planning committees are confronting a major hurdle that is ensuring a safe and manageable commute. Many businesses have historically left this part of the workday up to employees, but COVID-19 has made the emerging commute management field more important than ever before.

CommuteWise makes it simple for organizations to communicate their full set of commute options, benefits, and subsidies to its employees, especially during beginning onboarding and the upcoming wave of re-onboarding employees who have spent months working remotely from home.

To give employees full door-to-door commute plans, the system takes into account local transit routes and fares including commuter-friendly passes, the best options for biking and walking, the private employers gave choices such as carpool and vanpool, and parking options. Employees can compare cost and time, choose their preferred choice, and directly enroll in pretax benefits systems like Edenred or others.

TransitScreen CEO and cofounder Matt Caywood said that “We designed our newest product to fill the most significant gap in employee onboarding, and what we’re looking presently is the largest simultaneous onboarding process of all time. Return-to-work task forces are concentrated on so many considerations right now, but an elevator safety protocol won’t make much difference if your employees can’t get to the workplace. Our solution suite, beginning with CommuteWise, can save massive time in communicating with employees, both during onboarding and throughout their time at the organization.”

Employees will also have access to a mobile app featuring real-time information about all public and private options, alerts from local transit agencies about service changes or safety protocols, and daily commute updates and reminders. Employers can likewise share messages about safe commuting protocols.

With CommuteWise as its cornerstone, the full commute management platform of TransitScreen makes it easy for employers to develop and manage a commute program without adding extra work for staff from automated trip planning during employee onboarding through providing real-time data to inform their everyday lives.

TransitScreen’s full solution suite now includes the following.


  • Direct integration with benefit providers and other vendors
  • Automated commute plans for employees on the basis of cost and time preferences
  • Opportunity to highlight employer commute subsidies and initiatives
  • Designated account manager to handle customization and updates
  • Real-time information about local transit availability and costs


  • Real-time information about all public and private commuting options
  • Direct integration with parking providers for real-time availability
  • Service alerts directly from transit agencies about outages or delays
  • Real-time employer-based messaging about building occupancy or procedure changes
  • Daily alerts based on personalized employee work schedules

TransitScreen works with over 1,000 customers across 50 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

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