Transcosmos will open its new service center in Nagasaki prefecture

The third center in Nagasaki plans to bring 180 new jobs by 2024

Transcosmos inc. will open its new operations base, “BPO Center Nagasaki Chuo” in June, 2020. The center is due to start operating in August, 2020.

Amid a deepening labor shortage and a drive toward achieving workstyle reform in recent years, businesses are enhancing their business infrastructure with the aim of streamlining operations and boosting productivity. transcosmos BPO services that are tailored to the needs of each company’s business process continue to be in high demand and expand as the services satisfy various companies’ needs to build a stable business infrastructure. In order to accommodate the expansion of business, transcosmos will open its third operations center in June, 2020, in Nagasaki prefecture where transcosmos opened its first center in 2015. Like two other BPO centers already operating in Nagasaki prefecture, the new center will primarily deliver corporate back-office services that include HR and accounting. Through the consolidation of similar operations in the same geographic area, transcosmos will enhance its expertise and develop specialists, thereby enhancing its BPO services even further.

■ BPO Center Nagasaki Chuo Overview
Location: 13-5, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki city, Nagasaki prefecture
Services: BPO services
Founded: June, 2020 (planned)

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