Harri Moves Quickly to Support Hospitality Industry in Time of Crisis

Harri, a end-to-end workforce management software platform serving 20,000 restaurant and hotel locations that represent over 3 million hospitality employees is actively partnering with organizations like CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Fareway, Amazon, and many others to offer temporary work opportunities to displaced hospitality workers in the United States and United Kingdom.

By centralizing the surging demand of these actively hiring organizations, these businesses can rely on a channel that offers a concentration of talent possessing food handling qualifications, customer service expertise, and experience in face-paced working environments during the period of the crisis, free of charge. On behalf of displaced workers, the portal offers a simple access-point to discover employment opportunities in a time of uncertainty. HRtech News

“The unimaginable is happening to our industry. No one had a plan for an event of this magnitude and many are left to their own devices to ensure survival. In the wake of that, we’ve moved quickly to help address the most immediate challenges faced by employees to help forge a path to recovery in the future,” said Luke Fryer, Founder and CEO of Harri.

“It’s absolutely vital that we support those businesses who – tragically – must reduce their workforce during the crisis. By giving them the means to redirect their hard-working employees to a temporary home of employment, there’s an opportunity to keep displaced employees earning an income, thereby reducing permanent displacement and industry abandonment. It’s all about keeping talented employees close to make the re-building phase easier for all.”

Effective March 25th, Harri launched job portals in the United States and United Kingdom amassing over 10,000 open positions in sectors adjacent to hospitality such as grocery, retail, aged care, delivery and logistics. That number continues to climb as more actively hiring organizations join the #HospitalityUnite campaign.

If interested in participating or learning more about the effort, please email hospitalityunite@harri.com.


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