Topia Compass Delivers Distributed Workforce Compliance Management

Global Talent Mobility
Global Talent Mobility

The leader is Global Talent Mobility, Topia has announced a new name and identity for Monaeo Enterprise Edition, which was recently acquired by the firm. The new identity is Topia Compass. This new name is for the purpose of creating a brand consistency within the wider product suite of Topia that also reflects the extended values as a part of the family of Topia and integrated applications. Companies will be able to navigate the landscape of compliance management encountered when harnessing distributed workforce and business travel, by using Topia Compass. This compliance management will prove to be useful now more than ever since firms are embracing remote as well as distributed workforce during the ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic.

Nishant Mittal, co-founder of Monaeo and now SVP & GM, Business Travel at Topia stated that the addition of Monaeo to the product suite of Topia is solving quite a critical need that is not met in the market which is of bringing together legacy talent mobility with the  remote workforce and business travel that are of dynamic nature.

Topia Compass will continue to be made available to clients as an independent solution or as a part of the broader suite of products of Topia, powered by the Topia One platform, inclusive of –

Topia Compass – Business Travel and Distributed Workforce Tax, Immigration, Payroll along other Cross-border Compliance Management.
Topia Go – Location Discovery and Command Center for Mobile Employees
Topia Pay – Compliance Automation and Payroll Delivery
Topia Manage – Global Talent Mobility Delivery, Analytics, and Automations
Topia Plan – Financial Planning and Interactive Move Simulation

Shawn Farschi, CEO of Topia stated that in present times, distributed employees, especially since the arrival of the pandemic, firms need modern solutions for keeping their employees safe as well as ensuring that they remain compliant across the regulatory landscape.

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