Top Five Employee Background Verification platforms

As HR professionals enhance their onboarding process, background verification becomes a crucial step. So, which platforms are the best to use?

Employee Background Verification platforms

HR is booming with innovations. The inclusion of tech has already taken it to the next level. One such enablement is sourcing candidates. But, how do they make informed decisions before hiring anyone?

Background verification is a way to check your potential employee’s employment history, criminal records, and financial records. Such assessments help HR departments to take corrective measures. Examining candidate history decreases the chances of fraud. It ensures picking candidates appropriate for the job profile. Not only does it make recruitment easy but also secures the brand’s reputation.

Let’s take a look at the top five background verification platforms you’ll need to hire and retain employees-

BackgroundReport is a U.S.-based platform offering background reports with social security number validation, address history, eviction, business records, and other expressions of background information.

While providing precise information, the background information is fully encrypted. Data is constantly updated and gathered from multiple sources like nationwide criminal records, county criminal courthouses, the National Criminal Index, sex offender registries, the OFAC/Patriot Act Terrorist Watch List, Social Security Number index, and civil court records.

They ensure easy-to-understand reports with accurate data. Companies can access multiple databases of their candidates instantly. Strong support staff gives expert assistance if there are any discrepancies in data accuracy. 


GoodHire is a California-based organization offering a free portal for employment screening services. Checkr, a technology-first background check solution acquired GoodHire. The duo stands on similar principles for customers and tech innovations.  

Businesses can screen candidates on budget with GoodHire’s affordable and adaptable background check deals for the staffing, sourcing, and recruiting industries. They offer exceptional packages that can be customized for a wide range of industries with stellar customer service.

GoodHire has an impressive user interface catering to customer needs. And the chat feature is a plus!

Employee Screening Resources

ESR, with their tagline ‘People Matter. Make Good Choices’ are one of the highly respected background screening firms. In 2021, they were acquired by ClearStar, a leading provider of Human Capital Integrity℠ technology-based services specializing in the background and medical screening. 

Lester Rosen founded ESR in 1997. It is a San Fransisco-based firm that presents strategic choices for employers who need compliance and precision in their background screening programs. is acquainted with employment laws governing the respective jurisdiction. 

ESR reflects adherence to technical innovation and compliance in a constantly changing background screening landscape. They provide skills, knowledge, tools, and essential resources for employers to create their very own Safe Hiring Program(SHP).

Image Source: HireRight

HireRight offers its services across 240 countries and can manage applicants in 20 different languages. It is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug testing, Form I-9, and employment and education verifications.

With a variety of vendors in the market, selecting a background screening company isn’t as easy as it sounds. HireRight is a globally trusted source of talent solutions. By integrating e-recruiting applications, companies of all sizes and locations efficiently execute, operate and refine their background screening programs.

Best background screening programs and premium customer service by HireRight can make your onboarding process outstanding!


IntelliCorp delivers pre-screening tests with required customization. It is a comprehensive platform for learning and updating the latest labor laws for the required compliance.

A 360-degree view of your candidate can guarantee full representation of who you’re hiring, based on your specific requirements. IntelliCorp Records Inc. is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) and only provides B2B services.

The Pre-Employment/Volunteer Background Screening Packages are divided into three – Standard, Enhanced, and Premium. IntelliCorp is a class act background verification platform with the most excellent service!

Wrapping up

A new employee is an investment. There is a fifty-fifty chance for a new hire to become an asset or a liability. It can cost a company around $240,000 according to LinkHuman. That is a sheer waste of time, money, and effort!

Candidate screening and selection undergoes many processes and a background check is a step not to be taken lightly. It ensures quality hires and further translates into a secure workplace.

Trust the candidate while you verify facts!

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