Thebigword Waive Machine Translation Fees to Help Organisations

Global language technology and contingent workforce provider thebigword Group is waiving its Machine Translation service fees for clients.

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Access to quick and reliable translation is vital to government and business as part of their business continuity and thebigword is making its neural machine translation service available to all government departments, including healthcare professionals hrtech news.

Clients of thebigword will be able to use the neural machine translation tools to support them with a wide range of communications – from conversing with their global workforce in a range of languages to Healthcare professionals sharing important information with their patients in their own language.

Unlike free translation tools in the public sphere, thebigword’s neural Machine Translation is extremely secure which allows users to translate confidential information, without risking the data being retained by the service provider. thebigword’s Machine Translation tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence and provides users with high quality instant translation hrtech.

Commenting on the decision, CEO Joshua Gould said: “We wanted to do our bit to help our clients to navigate during this time by offering for free our machine translation service.”

“Technology is really helping businesses to continue to function and our Machine Translation tools will allow clients to translate important information quickly and securely talent management system.”

thebigword is waiving the fee for up to five licenses for each client, new or existing.

If you already have an account with us contact your account manager or email


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