The Ken Blanchard Companies® Releases Its 2023 HR/L&D Trends Survey

Ken Blanchard

The Ken Blanchard Companies®, a global leader in management training consulting, and coaching, released its 2023 HR/L&D Trends Survey. This fourth annual report includes responses from more than 700 leadership, learning, human resource, and talent development professionals from 20 industries in 71 countries. US participation represented 51% of total responses, while 49% were from outside the US.

The intent of the study was to discover the challenges of navigating the new hybrid workplace from both the HR and L&D perspectives. In addition to structured response questions, participants were asked open-ended questions to capture a more complete understanding of the issues. Respondents were asked to share in their own words, the biggest challenge they are facing going into 2023. Top responses for HR include:

  • Having enough capacity and resources to meet the needs of workforce development
  • Reducing turnover and attrition
  • Improving engagement and experience
  • Developing culture despite shifts to hybrid work arrangements

Additional findings include:

  • 75% of respondents believe hiring will be even more challenging in 2023
  • 79% of respondents believe it will be harder to retain their best people
  • 67% of respondents believe it is harder to create engaging employee experiences in a hybrid/remote work environment

Having enough capacity and resources for workforce development was top of mind for L&D professionals. They also cited the need to develop leaders with necessary skills by creating content that teaches them how to succeed as they face challenges in the coming year.

Additional data were collected on training modalities, learning journeys and spaced learning, and strategies for learning in the flow of work, as well as budget expectations and leadership skill requirements.

“Participants in the survey saw a strong connection between leadership capability and employee experience. Organizations are still in flux—but also rebounding. The war for talent, the challenge of employee retention, and raised expectations of today’s workforce have all combined to put a renewed interest in the role leaders play,” says David Witt, Director of Content Marketing at The Ken Blanchard Companies.

Witt and Jay Campbell, Chief Product Officer shared the survey results in a webinar on November 16, 2022. A free e-book that summarizes the complete findings is available here.

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