TELUS announces the launch of a new solution Work Anywhere to support remote connection

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Digital IT and customer experience solutions provider leader, TELUS International has launched a new solution called Work Anywhere. This solution aims at enabling companies to connect to their employees and clients securely and quickly through the cloud-based CX tool.

Work Anywhere will be seen supporting rapid deployments via a pure omnichannel cloud platform. This new customizable ecosystem will be making it easier for organizations to include a remote virtual desktop as well as a full suite of add-on solutions within its ecosystem.

Jim Radzicki, the TELUS International Chief Technology Officer, stated that the company has witnessed the importance of innovation and agility first-hand, in response to these unprecedented times and how significant it is to keep the companies connected with its employees and customers alike. This new solution of Work Anywhere is backed by the proven Culture Value Chain and has the goal of elevating the performance of solutions everywhere.

This new solution will be seen operating on the cloud and resulting in an average of 35% lesser downtime.

The solution- Work Anywhere is supported by several partnering firms who are leaders in the tech industry such as Itopia, the cloud orchestration and automation provider that delivers Desktop as a Service Solutions within Google Cloud, as well as Thrio, the first CCaaS solution powered by AI.

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