TCP Software Announces On-Demand Pay Partnership with Clair

TCP Software

TCP Software, a leading provider of workforce management and time and labor solutions, unveiled today a new partnership with Clair, a leading on-demand pay app and social impact fintech. Starting later this year, TCP’s customers who use TCP’s TimeClock Plus and Humanity Scheduling solutions will be able to offer free on-demand pay to over 1 million employees across the country.

As employee wellness becomes a top priority of employers around the country, HR managers are looking for more ways to attract and retain top talent. Aside from traditional benefits, more and more companies are offering on-demand pay, which provides employees with the ability to access their earnings before payday. This protects employees from having to take out high-interest payday loans or use credit cards to cover unexpected expenses and instead allows them to use their own earnings, which have not yet been paid out.

Today, most companies who want to offer on-demand pay have to select, integrate with, and manage a vendor. However, with this new partnership, the 30,000 customers who use TimeClock Plus or Humanity Scheduling will be able to automatically offer Clair On-Demand Pay to their employees, without having to do any setup or integration, and without affecting their payroll processes or cash flow. Employers also benefit through increased employee recruitment, productivity, and retention.

“We chose Clair as our strategic partner because we wanted to offer our customers what we believe is the best on-demand pay solution in the market,” said Eric Thurston, President and Chief Executive Officer of TCP. “With Clair, our customers can offer a benefit in literally a click of a button, while their employees can access their earnings for free. It’s a real win-win for our clients.”

Later this year, over 1 million employees who use TimeClock Plus or Humanity Scheduling will be able to sign up for Clair right from the app, web portal, or kiosk they already use every day for work. Aside from fee-free access to their earnings, employees who sign up also get access to the Clair Debit Mastercard® which gives them free withdrawals at 55,000 ATMs, free domestic ACH transfers, mobile wallet with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, and many other benefits.

“We’re excited to partner with TCP Software as we charge towards our mission to create financial freedom for America’s workforce,” shared Nico Simko, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clair. “Together with TCP, we’ll empower employees to choose when they get paid and offer business owners a powerful financial benefit that can retain and attract talent. The result is really a win-win.”

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