Table HR Announces Its Official Company Launch

Table HR

Table HR, a new outsourced human resources company, is launching as the hospitality industry faces unprecedented challenges. Restaurants, bars and breweries are finding themselves in a second lockdown as COVID-19 spikes again. Cities like Chicago, San Francisco and Philadelphia put an end to indoor-dining, which puts the industry in economic jeopardy. Many more cities are believed to follow suit, fundamentally changing the path to the success for restaurants, bars and breweries.

On top of drastically changing operations to survive financially amid the new mandatory lockdowns, owners and managers find themselves juggling more than ever. The usual furloughs, layoffs, new hires and other taxing HR matters are all still at play, with compounded pandemic-related obstacles.

At a cost-effective rate, Table HR becomes the outsourced HR department for restaurants, bars and breweries. The new Company takes care of HR processes externally and minimizes liability for hospitality-industry business owners, so that they can focus on building additional revenue streams through outdoor dining and delivery during the wave of COVID-19 shutdowns.

Table HR’s services include: employee onboarding and offboarding plans; employee handbooks; planning employee benefits; furloughing and hiring processes; and provides a HR Hotline for employees. The HR Hotline is available throughout the work week, and The Team answers questions via phone and provides guidance for callers.

“If you’re both the HR person and the boss, it’s harder than ever to coordinate it all yourself,” said Josh Lance, CEO and Founder of Table HR. “We’re doing our part by making the HR side of the house easier, safer, and more effective. We want to make things easier by being the go-to partner at the table.”

In addition to helping owners and managers focus on other parts of their business, Table HR helps them grow by assisting with hiring, culture-building, and job development.

Aside from the pandemic, Table HR was motivated to protect employees after hearing horrifying “Me Too” allegations against restaurant and bar workers and managers. After stumbling across a social-media account called “The 86’d List” of misconduct allegations in the food service industry and beyond, they sprung into action. They decided to create Table HR in order to develop strong HR practices to prevent misconduct, and to safeguard employees.

“Efficient processes, procedures and a professional HR back office are needed now more than ever. It’s the single best way that we know to help them in their time of need,” Lance says.

For a limited-time, Table HR is discounting some of its packages. It’s a small gesture that they hope will go a long way.

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