Swingvy’s HR Mobile App Helps SMEs Tackle the Engagement Gap

HR management with leave and expense claims features help to increase productivity via the Swingvy mobile app; connecting remote teams in an evolving world of work.


Today, Samsung-backed HR platform Swingvy, announced the availability of its new HR mobile app which includes HR hub, leave management and expense claims within the all-in-one Swingvy People Operations Platform.

Since March, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged every aspect of the workforce, forcing many employers to change and adopt remote work. Under these circumstances, telecommuting, employee engagement and workforce communication are naturally more challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Deloitte predicts that up to 47.8 million people across the ASEAN-6 nations will transition to remote work over the next few years. Of those nations, Singapore (45%) and Malaysia (26%) have the largest potential remote workforce due to their dominant service industries.

In support of evolving SMEs and their need to manage remote workforces better —Swingvy expands its HR tools with a mobile app to streamline operational processes and improve workflows of people management, while driving employee engagement in an organisation.

“During this period of remote work, our data shows that most employees would use a mobile app for their HR-related activity to connect with their teammates. With thousands of users using Swingvy mobile app regularly, mobile has become a powerful tool for driving employee engagement and streamlining work communication,” said Jin Choeh, Co-founder & CEO of Swingvy.

With Swingvy mobile app, employees are able to apply for leave and submit their claims expenses directly through their phone making it easy for employers and HR managers to keep track of their activities in real time.

Swingvy mobile app makes it easy to access:

  • HR hub: Central access to company information
    HR hub is a company collaboration tool that helps streamline HR activities and communication directly from one system for employees and admins with push notifications to mobile.
  • Leave management: Track your team at a glance
    The leave management tool enables employers and employees to receive automated notifications when an employee goes on leave or a new leave request has been made.
  • Expense claims on the go
    The expense claims tool makes it easy for employees to take a photo of a receipt within the app. The expenses are added to a report which is submitted to an approver in just one tap, simplifying the claims process and user experience.

Swingvy successfully expanded operations earlier this year into the Taiwan market, with further growth in the APAC region planned for 2021. The brand new mobile app is part of Swingvy’s ongoing commitment to creating work experiences that empower people and simplifying day-to-day administrative tasks.

Launched in late 2016, Swingvy serves over 9,000 companies across Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

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