StudyKIK Launches Patient Oriented Direct Scheduling Service

Innovative clinical trial technology recruitment company puts focus back on patients through new technology interface in order to streamline the scheduling process of highly eligible clinical trial participants.

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StudyKIK, a patient recruitment and retention technology company, announced a new platform that will simplify entry into clinical trials for patients. The new interface will give StudyKIK the ability to directly schedule patients for over 3,600 research sites and support the required study visits through their Patient Transportation Concierge service. Developed to enhance the overall patient experience and decrease no-show rates, this new service offering is now available for all clinical trials being supported by StudyKIK for patient recruitment hrtech news.

These developments were made possible due to advancements within StudyKIK’s in-house patient qualification call center and technology platform. With this innovative capability, StudyKIK can reduce the burden on research sites by identifying unqualified patients earlier in the process and facilitating the entrance of qualified patients into the respective study hrtech.

A major industry problem that takes place during clinical trial patient recruitment is when recruitment companies refer a large number of unqualified patients to research sites, which can lead to frustration and study fatigue for site staff. Following up with referrals for study visit scheduling can be a challenge in itself, since 82% of people do not answer phone calls from unknown phone numbers, thus making outreach time-consuming and oftentimes futile.

With StudyKIK’s pre-screening service, the patient is already on the phone with an agent at the time of pre-qualification, and the new direct scheduling feature allows each agent to preview the research site’s availability and set an appointment immediately, without ever having to interrupt the site’s workflow talent acquisition.

Additionally, StudyKIK offers transportation as a patient-centric convenience and means to increase study visit attendance. In providing these services, patient no show rates have dropped by over 65% and, in turn, consent and randomization rates have significantly grown since launch.

StudyKIK’s Chief Operating Officer, Brian Kay, states,”Three out of four referrals that sign up have never participated in a clinical trial before; StudyKIK’s pre-screening process not only helps identify potentially qualified patients, but also starts the trust-building process with each referral. If patients are told by sites immediately after pre-screening that they will not be reimbursed for their time or travel expenses for the initial visit if they don’t qualify, that patient is likely to no-show. From their perspective, this process can sound like a scam, which is precisely why the industry is seeing a 50% no-show rate in many cases. By taking over the logistics and covering the transportation costs, StudyKIK’s direct scheduling service clears the bureaucratic and financial obstacles that patients may worry about, reducing site no-show rates.”

Due to so many research sites utilizing StudyKIK’s recruitment platform to support their clinical trials, these new services will expedite the enrollment process across studies. Participating sites will receive pre-qualified patients directly on their calendars, and with confidence that the study visits will actually occur since transportation will be provided.

Every pharmaceutical company that is overseeing enrollment will be able to receive real-time confirmation of patients coming for their study visits – this could really shorten timelines and help meet enrollment targets.

More About StudyKIK:
StudyKIK is a patient recruitment and technology platform that utilizes patient communities across all major social media channels to increase awareness and connection to clinical trials. Furthermore, StudyKIK mitigates patient recruitment problems by building the technology solutions needed for research sites and pharmaceutical companies to access, manage, and communicate with high-quality patients in real-time.

To learn more about our services and technology solutions, visit or call 877-627-2509.


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