SnapCare announced strategic acquisition of Medecipher


SnapCare, a leading healthcare workforce solutions provider, has acquired Medecipher, Inc., a cloud-based predictive analytics staffing decision support tool, to further deliver facility control, low cost, and transparent solutions across the continuum of care.

Medecipher automates and improves the manual process of staff scheduling through a research-backed decision support tool. Their predictive staffing command center provides patient census and workload predictions and intelligently prescribes optimal shift plans to achieve appropriate staffing levels. By matching the skill sets of clinicians with patients’ needs, they optimize staffing levels in terms of both cost and treatment quality.

“Medecipher’s solution is a perfect fit with SnapCare’s new, expanded platform,” said SnapCare CEO Jeff Grant. “Combined, our suite of solutions uniquely aligns with facility priorities, optimizing for internal staffing and float pool first, with full visibility into our marketplace when needed to quickly fill any remaining open positions. With SnapCare workforce solutions, healthcare organizations will realize greater operating savings, reducing waste and inefficiency.”

“Solving healthcare staffing issues requires a comprehensive approach to finding and managing internal and external resources, and our combined companies will uniquely allow healthcare organizations to do just that,” said Medecipher co-founder and CEO Stephanie Gravenor.

The acquisition is part of SnapCare’s expansion, aimed at providing the full suite of technical and staffing solutions facilities need to optimally care for their patients. In Fall 2023, it changed its name from SnapNurse and announced a significant increase in its technology investments to build a world-class workforce marketplace that serves the full continuum of care and gives healthcare facilities complete visibility into the right mix of talent.

“Like SnapCare, Medecipher has put AI and other advanced technology to work on solving the complex challenges of workforce management,” Grant said. “We are eager to apply these solutions on behalf of clients.”

A recent Medecipher case study demonstrated measurable improvements over a four-week scheduling period at a 28-bed hospital emergency department with 60,000 annual visits. Impressively, Medecipher’s engine:

  • reduced labor costs by 8%;
  • improved safety outcomes by 68%, with an improvement in average understaffing;
  • decreased time required for schedule planning by 77%;
  • honored 100% of required RTO, PTO and training requests, and 83% of optional nurse preferences, while adhering to all department and hospital labor policies and rules.

Since its launch in 2017, Denver-based Medecipher has won multiple awards for innovation and impact. The state of Colorado recently awarded them a grant to train healthcare operations managers to optimize staff scheduling using its technology. They will operate as Medecipher, a SnapCare Company.

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