Syra Health expands its Healthcare Workforce Solutions

Syra Health

Syra Health Corp. (“Syra Health” or the “Company”), a healthcare technology company with a mission to improve healthcare by providing innovative services and technology solutions, announced the expansion of its healthcare workforce business unit to include additional offerings.

The expanded products and services include:

  • Healthcare workforce training, development, and education
  • Workforce technology platform for employers and those seeking new positions
  • Healthcare workforce engagement and concierge services

Through accessible learning and development resources, Syra Health’s newly added healthcare workforce solutions offer workers the opportunity to develop new skill sets or expand their existing competencies to meet the changing needs of healthcare. For those new to the healthcare workforce, Syra Health also offers apprenticeship programs.

Syra Health’s new healthcare workforce solutions technology platform allows employers to post open healthcare positions. Job seekers can log in and look for opportunities to apply for while managing their profile information. Employers can search for the talent they are looking for based on desired characteristics and candidate profiles.

“We have a successful track record in providing healthcare workforce solutions to state and local governments,” said Sandeep Allam, Executive Chairman and President, Syra Health. “Extending our offerings to healthcare employers and healthcare talent is a natural progression of our expertise.”

Syra Health’s workforce engagement solutions include monitoring the pulse of the workplace culture to ensure healthcare employees feel safe, valued, and protected. Syra Health’s workforce concierge service streamlines communications with candidates and current employees while helping employers respond to unexpected challenges that arise within the workplace.

“A supported workforce is a productive workforce,” said Dr. Deepika Vuppalanchi, CEO, Syra Health. “Our workforce surveys, assessments, and analytics capabilities allow us to pinpoint healthy cultures and those where additional training may be needed.”

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