SmashFlyX, a new talent marketing solution launched by Symphony Talent

Symphony Talent
Symphony Talent

Symphony Talent has announced the launch of its reimagined and new talent marketing platform, SmashFlyX. The hrtech news space notes that this new platform will make available the career site, candidate relationship management, and talent mobility along with programmatic advertising solutions all through one interface.

This new product is a result of the acquiring of SmashFly Technologies by Symphony Talent, last year in November. This acquisition led to the joining of forces of employer-branding and creative services of Symphony with the CRM and recruitment marketing tools of SmashFly.

Roopesh Nair, the CEO at Symphony Talent stated that firm directed its focus towards the development of a single interface platform was because of the fact that the process of talent acquisition greatness needs a blend of automation of high-volume touchpoints and the empowerment given to teams for taking actions as well as confidence for making decisions.

The platform offers talent acquisition teams the ability to create, measure, and automate a range of campaigns all in one place. These include paid, search, social media, email, job, and SMS ads.

The key capabilities of the platform include –

  • Personalization by the content management system of the platform to personalize jobs, content, images, and events as per the interaction of the visitor with the website of the employer.
  • Analytics through a single data structure
  • Video interviewing’s integration with CRM for delivering assessments and interviews from uto-trigger virtual screenings and CRM profile
  • Pipeline Intelligence
  • Job Alerts automation and self-optimizing ad campaigns
  • Customizable dashboard

Symphony Talent further added that this solution is ATS agnostic.

SmashFly was one of the early entrants in the recruitment marketing arena and its name carried by the new platform makes sense.

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