SkillGigs, Inc. launches a new employer of record program


SkillGigs, Inc., an ecommerce talent marketplace that pairs skilled healthcare and technology job seekers with AI-matched work opportunities, today announced the launch of a new employer of record program. This new capability will make it easier for U.S. employers to hire remote international workers amid surging demand for IT professionals and the rising cost of domestic talent. SkillGigs will be the employer of record for a global pool of top tech workers, allowing employers to save money, scale quickly, and access more specific skillsets for their projects.

“SkillGigs is a true marketplace that is built for users to explore, bid and exchange, and we are making it easier than ever to hire without borders,” said Brad Hill, digital division president at SkillGigs. “Functionalities like this new employer of record program are what make SkillGigs a game-changer in the staffing industry. We connect companies to the best talent, no matter where they are.”

Hiring offshore IT professionals is an increasingly common practice among U.S. companies looking to scale, but many run into hurdles with traditional staffing routes. Established third-party staffing companies often upcharge employers at least 20-25% to hire offshore IT roles, essentially the same as any domestic hire, and companies otherwise often lose track of offshore candidates in an ATS or standard job board.

SkillGigs’ employer of record program mitigates many of the risks associated with offshore hiring for U.S. companies. Employers who hire international tech workers through SkillGigs can save up to 40% in talent acquisition costs while having access to total talent management services that track and document project milestones.

The SkillGigs employer of record program for technology workers is a service the platform offers in addition to their international travel nurse program for healthcare companies.

To get started, U.S.-based employers can now post their jobs for free on SkillGigs’ talent marketplace.

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