SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform User Registrations Soar in its First Month of Beta Launch

Disruptive business model powered by great tech does the trick

After the beta launch of the first-of-its-kind fully automated AI based talent commerce platform ‘SCIKEY,’ it has been a great month as far as customer responses are concerned.

“We met more than fifty customers over the last 30 days in India and Malaysia and showcased our product and got excellent response from every customer without any exception. The experience has been amazing. While we realized that we are filling a significant gap in the industry by automating a large part of hiring, the true benefit SCIKEY can achieve got realised after engaging with the customers. Right from the true cost of hiring, delays in onboarding, manual nature, and clutter of the overall process and unpredictable joining certainty of candidates add much stress in corporate recruitment teams that resonates directly on the company’s performance. SCIKEY seems to be an apt and a much desired solution as per our customers,” says Karunjit Kumar Dhir, Global Head of Business Development.

“Our product teams have been closely working with customers to understand their pain points and develop this product. We have put AI to its best use in our semantic search of resumes, which we call ‘Power Search’ that has redefined the way recruiters can search and source resumes. We are aiming at a target of ‘One hour shortlisting’ for any JD that is twenty-four times faster than any other sourcing of candidates market provides today. Our engineers are aiming at improving experience apart from speed and quality of hire, be it for full time or project based contract resources,” says Shriram Viswanathan, Product Head and Founder of SCIKEY.

SCIKEY is a new age talent solutions venture, which provides a comprehensive Talent Commerce Platform where human psychology and cutting-edge Technology meet to maximize the potential of talented minds most effectively. SCIKEY has been created to deliver extraordinary outcomes for various talent needs including employee experience management, employee learning & development and employee productivity enhancement through path-breaking MindMatch algorithm. SCIKEY’s MindMatch algorithm is focused on disrupting and transforming the way hiring is done globally, using AI & Psychology, adding a completely new dimension of predicting if a certain human behaviour will fit a given job profile. SCIKEY’s Global ecosystem owns several IPs in the field of Behaviour Analysis & Prediction. It comprises R&D centres in Europe & India, global R&D Partners, collaborations with global universities and a team of expert researchers & data scientists.
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Ritish Sethi
Head Digital Services, SCIKEY



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