Sandler and CoachEm ink a partnership agreement

CoachEm’s platform reinvents sales coaching by leveraging data to inform effective behavioral change and drive sustainable revenue growth

Sandler and CoachEm

Sandler ( and CoachEm ( announced today that they have signed a partnership agreement that combines the proven Sandler training techniques with the first of its kind CoachEm AI coaching execution platform designed to reinforce coaching best practices and deliver sustainable business results. Specifically, the licensing agreement enables CoachEm to sell and facilitate Sandler’s Sales Leader Growth Series and add Sandler’s proven micro-learning modules as a content offering within CoachEm’s recommendation engine.

CoachEm uses proprietary machine learning intelligence to determine which behaviors and skills each individual rep needs to work on to improve outcomes. Specifically, the patent-pending technology analyzes patterns, highlights the ‘why’ behind the data with root causes, and identifies the actions that will ultimately affect the results going forward. The coaching execution platform automates many of the time-consuming tasks for sales managers like data consolidation, analysis, and meeting preparation time, removes the guesswork around rep performance, and enables managers to hold reps accountable for building sustainable skills that turn behavior into business results. CoachEm leverages a company’s existing technology stack, which maximizes the investment they’ve already made.

The combination of Sandler’s proven techniques with CoachEm’s technology platform enables, empowers, and equips sales leaders to be successful over time. Sandler’s Sales Leader Growth Series focuses on skill development workshops and e-learning modules are foundational for managing and coaching skills throughout the employee journey (e.g. hiring, interviewing, training, mentoring). The CoachEm platform then builds on the coaching knowledge and techniques to provide a structured and automated approach to coaching, reinforcing best practices, and holding team members accountable.

“We are excited to partner with CoachEm to provide our clients with a cutting-edge sales coaching platform that utilizes advanced AI, analytics and machine learning to identify the key behavioral patterns and targeted training content to help increase employee’s sales results,” says David Mattson, CEO and President of Sandler. “With CoachEm, we will deepen our client relationships by helping them improve overall sales performance beyond training while accelerating our own growth.”

“The modern CRO believes in the science of coaching as the best way to tackle the biggest challenges facing their teams,” says Colum Lundt, CEO of CoachEm. “We built the world’s first SaaS coaching execution platform to make evidence-based coaching happen, and we are excited about this partnership that brings Sandler’s proven methodology and micro-learning into our recommendation generator. Sandler’s micro-learning content will enhance the suggestions our machine learning provides to leaders as they work hard to develop their people. Great coaches lead to better reps, and better reps lead to better outcomes.”

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