Safeguard Global announces ChatSG

ChatSG delivers instant access to global HR and payroll insights and expertise


Safeguard Global, the leading provider of workforce enablement solutions, today announced the launch of ChatSG, the world’s first generative AI technology for the global HR market, which delivers rapid global workforce insights.

Through seamless integration with Safeguard Global’s proprietary dataset and analytics capabilities, ChatSG allows users to ask natural language questions in over 40 languages.

The first workforce enablement technology of its kind, ChatSG uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT architecture and leverages deep learning techniques to understand and generate human-like language. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the Employer of Record market by providing insights that lead to faster, data-driven decisions; further accelerating Safeguard Global’s mission of transforming the way people work around the world.

Keeping ahead of global HR and employment legislation remains a significant challenge for HR and payroll teams worldwide. Questions that traditionally require multiple days to find answers can be answered in seconds leveraging this new technology. Safeguard Global maintains comprehensive knowledge on HR and payroll topics, including employment laws, benefits and compensation, hiring processes, employee policies and much more.

“ChatSG is a gamechanger for anyone who manages a global workforce,” said Bjorn Reynolds, CEO of Safeguard Global. “ChatSG learns and improves based on continuous input and feedback from our experts. Today this release changes the lives of our clients, the HR community, and our whole industry landscape. In a world where agility and knowledge are competitive advantages, having immediate access to the right information quickly is key.”

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