RippleMatch Passes Bias Audit Unanimously


RippleMatch, the recruitment automation platform changing how Gen Z finds work, is proud to share the results of their latest bias audit, conducted by third party bias auditor

RippleMatch helps job seekers discover opportunities they are likely to be a good match for, and helps employers prioritize responding to their best applicants. The company is committed to ensuring their products limit bias to the greatest extent possible and treat candidates with equal dignity and respect.

To ensure these outcomes and remain in full compliance with New York City’s bias audit law (slated to go into effect April 2023), RippleMatch partners annually with to review technology and internal processes.

The audit, which was published on January 5th, 2023, is comprised of three parts: Risk Assessment, Governance, and Disparate Impact Quantification. Using data from 170,000+ applications, the auditors investigated whether candidates experienced disparate impact based on race and gender. RippleMatch proudly passed the bias audit unanimously and with no exceptions. The finalized report concludes that RippleMatch actively and honestly looks for the risk of bias on the platform, and has systems and processes in place to measure and mitigate bias risk for candidates on the platform.

Remarking on how forward, compliant, and eager to mitigate bias risk the auditors noted, “The requirements of our audit go significantly beyond what is required by the NYC law; RippleMatch chose to hold themselves to a higher standard.”

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